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About Theatric Staffords

We are a small hobby breeder of AKC registered Staffordshire Bull Terriers located in Minneapolis, MN. Our mission is to preserve and protect this wonderful, historic breed with an emphasis on health, temperament, type, and responsible ownership. Our dogs are successful as companions, in the show ring, and in a variety of sports and performance events. While relatively very new to this, we have been blessed with wonderful mentors in this breed to help us along this journey. We are proud members of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of America.

Our Values

We are committed to breeding & exhibiting well-rounded, stable Staffords that can go out into the world as ambassadors for this wonderful breed as companions and competitors. 

We support the testing of Staffordshire Bull Terriers to the CHIC standards set forth by the OFA and the SBTCA, and the exhibition of our dogs to both breed specialists and all-around judges.


Meet Our Staffords

We are proud of our Staffordshire Bull Terriers' many accomplishments in the show ring, in the sports world, at home, and out and about in the world as fabulous companions.

Contact Us

Are you looking for our puppy application? You can access that here! For any other questions or inquiries, you can use the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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